Reality is that I am a really curious Person

Curiosity has always been my life's driving force. I love to be the guy who asks one more question, the one who wants to understand where we are at (being a Business process or the history of the city I'm visiting) and, more importantly, where we are heading.

Professionally, that has led me to a Career in IT Sales, currently within Axway , from being a Humanities graduate (where I excelled at Medieval Latin and early medieval European History, amongst others) to Investment Banking, Managing an ecommerce services Company to my real loves in IT: Cloud Computing (IaaS and SaaS, Big data and Collaboration/Social).

I consider IT to be the biggest enabler of knowledge advancement and catalyst for growth (Economical and Social) and I am proud of my contribution to it, however minuscule.

Over the years I have specialised in helping organisations transition to new business and IT paradigms, internally and externally, specially helping corporations and Business Partners to transition from legacy technologies and Business Processes to more agile, as a service, value driving models.